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2019 PIRE Undergraduate Presentations

2019 PIRE Undergraduate Presentations
When: January 17, 2019
Where: Moore 127

Madison Krieger - How gender based bias impacts language perceptions
Sara Ostergren - Spanish-Palenquero Code-Switching
Gabrielle Herman - Language Identification in Lengua Palenquera and Spanish
Natalie Wenger - Phonological differences between Spanish and Palenquero
Jason Giovagnoli - Perceiving difficult L2 phonetic contrasts: a view from perceptual learning
Rosa Padt - Vocabulary Consolidation in L2 Speakers
Shane Cummings - Idiomatic Comprehension in the L2: Is Nativelike Speed Possible?
Carly Danielson - The Influence of Speakers’ Physical Appearance on Listeners' Accented Speech Comprehension
Sydney Harfenist - Syntactic Priming of Possessive Noun Phrases in Bilingual Children