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Julia Rembalsky

Julia Rembalsky

Undergraduate Student: Biobehavioral Health, minoring in Biology and Spanish


My name is Julia Rembalsky and I am a junior from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. I am majoring in Biobehavioral Health and minoring in Biology and Spanish. With my Hispanic background and my interest in science, our research perfectly encompasses both of these ideas by studying the scientific background behind human language. I’m excited to be able to practice my Spanish and get a taste of the Spanish and European culture. In my free time, I love to travel, hike, and do pretty much anything outside on a hot, sunny day!

Project Summary:

The study will examine whether non-native speakers of English are able to predict the phonological form of an upcoming noun that is preceded by the indefinite articles a or an. Prediction is the focus on this proposal because recent studies have argued that prediction is useful for language learning and language processing (Chang, Kidd, & Rowland, 2013). The specific question of the project is whether hearing a simple instruction to click on a/an object in the presence of a visual scene with a picture of an apple and a picture of a chair (see Figure 1 below) will trigger looks to the object that is congruent with the form of the article (i.e., apple after hearing the article an; chair after hearing the article a). I will be travelling to Granada, Spain.