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Aaron Albin

Aaron Albin


Postdoctoral Fellow


I received a dual PhD in Linguistics and Second Language Studies at Indiana University - Bloomington (USA) in July 2015, having worked under the direction of Ken de Jong and Isabelle Darcy. My primary area is experimental and corpus approaches to intonational phonology, especially in second language (L2) learners. I have also worked on projects in several other areas such as loanword phonology and quantitative modeling of phonetic data. I am actively involved in developing tools for conducting acoustic analyses using the R programming language. The PIRE study I am currently conducting at the Center for Language Science compares L1 English, L1 Mandarin, and L1 Swedish learners of L2 Japanese in terms of their perception, production, lexical encoding, and response to training for a novel lexical-prosodic category ('unaccented' words in Japanese).


Second Language Acquisition Lab