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Abigail Cosgrove

Abigail Cosgrove

Cognitive Psychology Graduate Student


As a third-year graduate student pursuing a dual-title degree in Cognitive Psychology and Language Science, I am interested in the underlying mechanisms of language development. This proposed study will specifically address the question of whether 10 to 11-year-old children are more flexible in adjusting to wider varieties of speech than monolingual adults, or whether they perform similar to adults at this age. Overall this PIRE project will directly complement my previous work on facial cues and foreign-accented speech comprehension by increasing the knowledge of language exposure in a diverse multilingual environment.

Project Summary:

For my PIRE project, I will be traveling to Nijmegen, the Netherlands this summer to work with Dr. Sharon Unsworth at Radboud University. I plan to examine how speaker identity affects foreign-accented speech comprehension of school-aged Dutch learners of L2 English. Given three congruent faces for different accents – a Dutch accent, a British accent, and a Chinese accent – how will the results change when compared to the previous work on adult listeners showing that congruent face-accent cues facilitate the comprehension of foreign-accented speech? Through collaboration with Dr. Sharon Unsworth at Radboud University, child L2 English speakers will be recruited who are enrolled in an Early-Bird program at elementary school which offers English language classes starting in Kindergarten.