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Angie Galofre

Angie Galofre


Undergraduate Student - Majors in Psychology and Criminology


Hello, my name is Angie Galofre. I am currently a junior double majoring in Psychology and Criminology. This is my second semester working in the CLS lab under Giuli Dussias. I am currently preparing for my PIRE summer 2015 trip to Granada, Spain. I had never worked in a lab regarding language until last semester. When I heard of the opportunity, me being completely bilingual, I thought it would be an interesting topic to learn more about. I am glad to say I absolutely love this area of research and wish to continue working with it in the future. 

I will be researching bilinguals and the priming effects on habitual and non-habitual code switchers. Even though I will be focusing on bilinguals, Spaniards do not tend to code switch naturally so we are interested in seeing if with our experiment we can prime our participants to code switch in a way that they would not normally speak. We will also be performing this same experiment in the U.S with habitual code switchers and seeing if we can prime them to code switch in a way that they would not normally code switch. I am so grateful to PIRE for the opportunity of a lifetime and a chance to not only further me education and do research but to also be able to see another part of the world, something I would have not been able to do without this fellowship!

Pire Projects:

Priming effects of code-switching


Pennsylvania State University, USA


Center for Language Science