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Brooks Durand

Brooks Durand

Undergraduate Student: English and Digital Print Journalism, minoring in Spanish


My name is Brooks Durand, and I am a Penn State junior studying both English and Digital
and Print Journalism, taking my minor in Spanish. I spend most of my time reading, going on
long-distance runs, or watching classic films.

Project Summary:

My group, a part of Professor Lipski’s lab, is going to San Basilio de Palenque in
Colombia to study the Afro-Hispanic creole Palenquero. My experiment focuses on the
Palenquero pluralizer ‘ma’ and whether speakers use it in nonconventional ways. Possibilities
include ma preceding ungendered words as a surrogate for the Spanish female definite article
‘la’, and exploring linguistic situations that elicit its misuse. Participants will be asked to
translate sentences from Spanish to Palenquero and vice-versa in order to collect data.