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Benjamin Thomas Simonson

Benjamin Thomas Simonson


Undergraduate Student - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology


My name is Benjamin Simonson, and I am a freshman in The Eberly College of Science. My current goal is to major in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology as well as minor in Spanish. During the all of 2015 I began working with Dr. Marianna Nadeu studying differences in prosodic patterns between English and Spanish speakers. I will be travelling to Tarragona in Summer 2016 to research the effectiveness of using processing instruction to teach English stress patterns to native Spanish speakers. Experiments will include pattern recognition and production tests of deaccenting repeated information. Outside of academics, I am a part o Springfield FTK, a special interest group for Penn State's THON, and also run on the Club Cross Country team. 


Pennsylvania State University, USA


Center for Language Science