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Carrie Jackson

Carrie Jackson

Associate Professor of German and Linguistics



Carrie received her Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, specializing in Germanic linguistics and second language acquisition. Her research and teaching interests include psycholinguistics, second language acquisition and foreign language pedagogy. She has published articles in a variety of linguistics and applied linguistics journals including Bilingualism: Language and Cognition, Applied Psycholinguistics, Language Learning and The Modern Language Journal. 


Second Language Acquisition Laboratory 

Current Grants:

  • 2013-pres. Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant. "Inconsistent input and amount of exposure: child second language acquisition of Fering, a dialect of North Frisian." From the National Science Foundation (Jackson: PI; K. Miller, A.E. Hendricks: co-PIs).
  • 2013-pres. Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant. "Online and offline investigations of the effects of prosodic and morphosyntactic cues on acquisition in L2 German." From the National Science Foundation (Jackson: PI; Henry: co-PI).
  • 2012-pres. Research Fellowship for Experienced Researchers. "The Interaction of Prosodic and Syntactic Information in Second Language Processing: An ERP Study". From the Alexander von Humboldt Stiftung/Foundation.

Representative Publications:

  • O'Brien, Mary G., Jackson, Carrie N., & Hendriks, Alison K. E. (accepted). Making use of cues to sentence length in L1 and L2 German. Linguistic Approaches to Bilingualism.
  • O'Brien, Mary G., Jackson, Carrie N., & Gardner, Christine E. (2012). Cross-linguistic differences in prosodic cues to syntactic disambiguation in German and English. Applied Psycholinguistics.
  • Jackson, Carrie N., Dussias, Paola E., & Hristova, Adelina. (2012). Using eye-tracking to study on-line processing among intermediate L2 learners of German. International Review of Applied Linguistics and Language Teaching50, 101-133.
  • Jackson, Carrie N., & van Hell, Janet G. (2011). The effects of L2 proficiency level on the processing of wh-questions among Dutch second language speakers of English.International Review of Applied Linguistics and Language Teaching , 49(3), 195-219.
  • Jackson, Carrie N., O'Brien, Mary G., & Gardner, Christine. E. (2011) Prosodic cues to syntactic disambiguation in L2 German. In N. Danis, K. Mesh, & H. Sung (Eds.),Proceedings of the 35th annual Boston University Conference on Language Development, Volume 1 (pp. 308-320). Boston, MA: Cascadilla Press.
  • Jackson, Carrie N. & O'Brien, Mary G. (2011). The interaction between prosody and meaning in second language speech production. Die Unterrichtspraxis [Teaching German] , 44(1), 1-11.
  • Jackson, Carrie N., & Roberts, Leah. (2010). Animacy affects the processing of subject-object ambiguities in the L2: Evidence from self-paced reading with German L2 learners of Dutch. Applied Psycholinguistics , 31(4), 671-691.
  • Jackson, Carrie N. (2010). The processing of subject-object ambiguities by English and Dutch L2 learners of German. In B. VanPatten & J. Jegerski (Eds.), Second language processing and parsing: issues in theory and research . Amsterdam, NL: John Benjamins (pp. 207-230).
  • Jackson, Carrie N. & Bobb, Susan C. (2009). The processing and comprehension of wh-questions among second language speakers of German. Applied Psycholinguistics30(3), 603-636.
  • Jackson, Carrie N., & Dussias, Paola E. (2009). Cross-linguistic differences and their impact on L2 sentence processing. Bilingualism: Language and Cognition12(1), 65-82.