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Leah Pappas

Leah Pappas


Undergraduate Student - French and Linguistics


I am am a rising senior with a dual major in French and Linguistics and a minor in Spanish at Penn State. I have been working in Dr. Janet Van Hell's lab for two semesters now. In her lab, I have focused on learning how to run and analyze ERP studies. Previously, I spent a semester as a volunteer lab assistant in Dr. Judith Kroll's lab and a semester running behavioral studies in Dr. Carrie Jackson's lab. 

Through a PIRE grant, I am currently working on a study with Dr. Jackson and Dr. Van Hell that examines how German-French bilinguals and English-French bilinguals process grammatical gender in French. I will be collecting data from German-French bilinguals this summer in Berlin, German. Then, in the fall, I will collect the English-French bilinguals data. 

When I am not doing schoolwork or working in the lab, I enjoy theater. I love performing and assisting with the technical aspects of shows. I also enjoy playing soccer, hiking, climbing, generally being outside and active. 

While abroad, I hope to meet new people, make connections, better my language skills in French and German, and collect some great data!


Pennsylvania State University, USA


Center for Language Science