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Nicole Benevento

Nicole Benevento


Graduate Student - Spanish Linguistics and Language Science


I am a 4th year graduate student in Spanish Linguistics and Language Science working with Dr. John Lipski. During the months of March and April I will be traveling to the University of Cambridge to consult with Dr. Margaret Deuchar, Professor in the Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages, and Dr. Brechtje Post, Senior Research Associate at the Research Centre for English and Applied Linguistics, on methodology and other matters related to my research. 

My primary research interests include the production and perception of prosody in naturalistic speech. I conducted preliminary field research in Palenque, Colombia in May 2013 and will be analyzing the acoustic correlates of word stress and accent in the interviews collected there. 

Pire Projects:

Acoustic correlates of word stress and accent


Pennsylvania State University, USA


Department of Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese