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Nicci Schoedel

Nicci Schoedel

Undergraduate Student: Psychology, Life Science Option; minoring in Neuroscience


After working in the Karuza Lab for two full semesters, I decided to apply to the PIRE fellowship scholarship. My future goals are to go to graduate school, and pursue a career in Neuropsychological research. I have always been curious about the world, so I am excited to do research in another country.

Project Summary:

The title of our research project is Resolution of Conflicting Category Boundaries in Bilingual Language Learners. This research focuses on the use of active learning to examine how the bilingual mind reconciles conflicting category boundaries during the acquisition of new material, or ‘languages’. We will be working with Dr. Zofia Wodniecka in Krakow, Poland to run bilingual participants, as well as running monolingual participants here at Penn State to compare results.