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Priscila López-Beltrán

Priscila López-Beltrán

Graduate Student - Spanish Linguistics and Language Science



I am a first years Graduate Student in the Spanish, Italian & Portuguese Department, at the moment I work with Dr. Giuli Dussias & Doctor Karen Miller. This summer 2017 I will be going to the University of Granada to collaborate with Dr. Teresa Bajo. My main interests are psycholinguistics, the cognitive underpinnings of language, and language acquisition. Therefore, in Granada, I will be studying the syntactic processing strategies of bilingual children attending an English immersion school. I hope that this study will help advance our understanding of the development of bilingualism and that its results can be readily translated to the improvement of educational materials.

Project Summary:

By means of a series of eye-tracking experiments implemented within the visual world paradigm, we will compare the ambiguity resolution strategies of Spanish-English bilingual children attending an immersion school in Granada (Spain) to those of monolingual English and monolingual Spanish children, as well as adults. Thus, the key questions of this study are whether bilingual children will process their L2 in a native-like manner and whether being schooled in the L2 might have an effect on the processing of their L1.