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Undergraduate Fellows 2020-2021

Tristan Catto

  • Undergraduate student: Psychology, Neuroscience Option and Linguistics

Gregory Costanzo

  • Undergraduate Student: Linguistics and Psychology, minoring in Chinese

Lillian Griffin

  • Undergraduate Student: Microbiology and Spanish

Sunny Li

  • Undergraduate Student: Linguistics, minoring in Teaching English of Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) and Asian Studies

Amanda Mohamed

  • Undergraduate Student: Spanish, Labor and Human Resources, and Global and International Studies, minoring in Latin American Studies and Civic and Community Engagement

Felicity Sarnoff

  • Undergraduate Student: World Language Education and Linguistics, minoring in French

Nicci Schoedel

  • Undergraduate Student: Psychology, Life Science Option; minoring in Neuroscience

Adeline Weitknecht

  • Undergraduate Student: planning to major in Energy Engineering and German