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PSU - Second Language Acquisition Laboratory

Second Language Acquisition Lab group photo

Name of PI:

Dr. Carrie Jackson

Current Projects:

Lexical and morphosyntactic processing among L2 learners (with Janet van Hell and Giuli Dussias, Penn State; Leah Roberts, Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics; Marianne Gullberg, University of Lund)

This project investigates how intermediate and advanced L2 learners comprehend sentences in their non-native language using a variety of research methods, including self-paced reading, eye-tracking and other types of behavioral tasks. This research explores how even less-proficient L2 learners can take advantage of L2 grammatical information in the input and whether structural and lexical similarities between the L1 and the L2 influence how learners use L2 lexical and grammatical information during comprehension.

Prosodic cues and syntactic disambiguation during second language production and comprehension (with Mary Grantham O'Brien, University of Calgary)

This project explores how L1 and L2 German speakers use prosodic cues to disambiguate temporarily ambiguous sentences in both of their languages, and whether living in an L2 immersion environment impacts speech production at the prosodic level.