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2019 PIRE Undergraduate Presentations

2019 PIRE Undergraduate Presentations
When: January 24, 2019
Where: Moore 127

Maura Jaeger & Dana Winthrop - Using developmental milestones to characterize language delay in preschool-age users of American Sign Language
Alec Powers & Gabriella Rivera-Corchada - Cognate Facilitation and Syntactic Ambiguity in Bilingual Children
Joana Pinzon-Coimbra, Julia Rembalsky, & Gloria Xu - English proficiency and the understanding/use of articles
Kellie Harrington, David Miller, & Maggie Rose Pelella - The processing of Spanish dialectal variation by native Spanish speakers
Emily Pifer - Creativity in two languages: Convergent and Divergent Thinking in Billingual Engineering Students
Julian Yee - Comprehension of code-switched speech in non-habitual code-switchers: An electrophysiological study
Carmen Gonzalez Recober - Comprehension of code-switched speech: Does code-switching experience play a role?