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January 24, 2019
Moore 127

Maura Jaeger & Dana Winthrop - Using developmental milestones to characterize language delay in preschool-age users of American Sign Language
Alec Powers & Gabriella Rivera-Corchada - Cognate Facilitation and Syntactic Ambiguity in Bilingual Children
Joana Pinzon-Coimbra, Julia Rembalsky, & Gloria Xu - English proficiency and the understanding/use of articles
Kellie Harrington, David Miller, & Maggie Rose Pelella - The processing of Spanish dialectal variation by native Spanish speakers
Emily Pifer - Creativity in two languages: Convergent and Divergent Thinking in Billingual Engineering Students
Julian Yee - Comprehension of code-switched speech in non-habitual code-switchers: An electrophysiological study
Carmen Gonzalez Recober - Comprehension of code-switched speech: Does code-switching experience play a role?

January 17, 2019
Moore 127

Madison Krieger - How gender based bias impacts language perceptions
Sara Ostergren - Spanish-Palenquero Code-Switching
Gabrielle Herman - Language Identification in Lengua Palenquera and Spanish
Natalie Wenger - Phonological differences between Spanish and Palenquero
Jason Giovagnoli - Perceiving difficult L2 phonetic contrasts: a view from perceptual learning
Rosa Padt - Vocabulary Consolidation in L2 Speakers
Shane Cummings - Idiomatic Comprehension in the L2: Is Nativelike Speed Possible?
Carly Danielson - The Influence of Speakers’ Physical Appearance on Listeners' Accented Speech Comprehension
Sydney Harfenist - Syntactic Priming of Possessive Noun Phrases in Bilingual Children

December 7, 2018
Moore 127
September 27, 2018
Moore 130

During this meeting we will be discussing the PIRE application procedure and, in particular, the process of designing a project in conjunction with your advisor and a partner institution. If you think you might be interested in applying for a PIRE fellowship, please plan on attending.

August 29, 2018
Moore 127
December 8, 2017
Moore 127