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Adeline Weitknecht

Adeline Weitknecht
Undergraduate Student: planning to major in Energy Engineering and German
Adeline Weitknecht


My name is Adeline Weitknecht and I am currently a freshman at Penn State. I plan to double major in Energy Engineering and German, and love to be outside, bake, and do yoga in my free time. In the past I have worked in food service and dabbled in an entrepreneurial chapstick business. Language as a concept fascinates me because communication is such an essential part of daily life. Despite that, the intricacies and beauty of language or communication in any form is often overlooked.

Project Summary:

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, many classrooms have been forced online. As a PIRE fellow for the Summer of 2021, I will be exploring L2 learner interactions through Zoom in an effort to examine L2 student engagement in a remote environment. To do this, I will use classroom mapping to quantify the interactions of L2 German and L2 English learners over Zoom. The data provided by this research will hopefully provide insight to the shifting social dynamics of L2 student engagement on a virtual platform.