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Alec Powers

Alec Powers
Undergraduate Student: English and Spanish
Alec Powers


I am a Junior majoring in English and Spanish. I really enjoy to read, write, and language as a whole. I love to travel and learn about other cultures and meet different people from around the world. This summer I will be able to explore these interests in Puerto Rico while conducting research.

Project Summary:

This summer I will be spending 8 weeks in San Juan, Puerto Rico, conducting research at the Cuppeyville School. This research will be conducted with students who are native Spanish speakers, speaking Spanish t home and in the community, but attend an English-immersion school. Testing the students for the presence of the cognate effect, the ability to recognize words with similar sound and meaning, quicker than non-cognate words, as well as their ability to process ambiguous sentences in English, we will be able to have a greater understanding about their acquisition of English.