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Amelia Patton

Amelia Patton
Undergraduate Student: Psychology
Amelia Patton


I am from Boyertown, Pennsylvania which is about 45 minutes outside of Philadelphia! I am majoring in Psychology on the pre-med track, and hope to become a neuropsychiatrist one day to work and people who have disorders such as schizophrenia or multi-personality disorder. I am the oldest of 5 and love to travel. Just in 2021 I have been to 5 different countries and lived in the United Kingdom! My favorite hobbies include anything outdoors, but especially going to the beach and parks. Something interesting about me Is that I have a talking bird as a pet.

Project Summary:

I am doing a self-paced reading task that measures your eye movement. It is used to track your reading/reaction time and your comprehension of multi-word phrases such as “blow a fuse” and similar phrases. The main research question we are going to investigate is whether collocations that are nontransparent are costly or are represented like an idiom and have an idiom-like advantage as well. Two different contexts will be examined, namely, literal phrases and idioms. Congruence and incongruence variables will also be administered. The results of this study will determine whether or not ambiguous less transparent multi-word units are processed with an advantage similar to how idioms are processed, and also allow us to determine the criteria for such processing for foreign speakers.