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Gregory Costanzo

Gregory Costanzo
Undergraduate Student: Psychology, Linguistics and Biology, minoring in Chinese
Gregory Costanzo


I am a third-year undergraduate student at Penn State from State College, PA. I am majoring in Psychology, Linguistics, and Biology with a minor in Chinese. I am specifically interested in the field of cognitive neuroscience with a focus on language function.

Project Summary:

I will be traveling to San Basilio de Palenque, Bolivar, Colombia with Dr. John Lipski to study the Palenquero language. I will be studying the usage of preverb tense markers and pre-noun plural markers by heritage speakers of Palenquero. The usage of these markers is a subject of interests to linguists due to the ways in which the differences in the way heritage speakers and first-language speakers of Palenquero use these linguistic structures.