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Jamie Brunette

Jamie Brunette
Undergraduate Student: Communication, Sciences and Disorders
Jamie Brunette


I am a junior here at Penn State studying Communication Sciences and Disorders. I am involved in CHAARG as a small group coordinator on campus and assist as a TA in a sign language class (CSD 218) with Professor Sommar Chilton. I will be traveling to Benin in Western Africa with Dr. Deborah Morton to study African Culture and linguistics before my PIRE trip this summer.

Project Summary:

My project this summer will be held at Gallaudet University in Washington D.C. in partnership with Dr. Allen. While I am traveling domestically, this is a Deaf university full of rich culture and language of its own. I will immerse myself in the culture and use of American Sign Language (ASL). I will be researching language acquisition of ASL in children. We will look at delays based on the Visual Communication and Sign Language (VCSL) checklist and statistically analyze subset groups based on multiple variables (home language, hearing status, type of school attendance etc.).