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Maura Jaeger

Maura Jaeger
Undergraduate Student: Statistics, minoring in Deafness and Hearing Studies
Maura Jaeger


My name is Maura Jaeger and I am a sophomore from Collegeville, Pennsylvania. I am pursuing a major in Statistics as well as a Deafness and Hearing Studies minor. Outside of class, I am a member of the University Choir, the Penn State Sign Language Organization, and the K-Pop Music and Dance club. I am also working with Dr. Carol Miller as a part of her research group on campus.

Project Summary:

This summer, I will be traveling to Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C. Under the supervision of Dr. Thomas Allen, my research partner and I will be examining Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) among  deaf and hard-of-hearing children. We will be analyzing data from the Early Education Longitudinal Study conducted through Gallaudet’s Visual Language and Visual Learning Center, and attempting to identify children who may be at risk for DLD, as well as its possible indicators from the children’s use of American Sign Language and English. We will also be creating a research brief of our findings to use for outreach to better inform parents and educators about DLD, specifically within a deaf and hard-of-hearing population.