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Nicci Schoedel

Nicci Schoedel
Undergraduate Student: Psychology, Life Science Option; minoring in Neuroscience
Nicci Schoedel


My name is Nicci Schoedel. Currently, I am a junior here at Penn State. I have always been fascinated by other cultures and languages. I believe it is important to be familiar with all of the different types of people throughout the world, so I am excited to work on this international research project. My future goals include going to graduate school to pursue a career in Neuropsychological research.

Project Summary:

The title of our research project is Resolution of Conflicting Category Boundaries in Bilingual Language Learners. This research focuses on examining how the bilingual mind reconciles conflicting category boundaries during the acquisition of material, or “languages”, based on their amount of experience using their languages in daily life. We will be working with Dr. Zofia Wodniecka from Poland to conduct this study. The results of this research will allow for better understanding of how important knowing multiple languages could be to cognition.