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Shane Cummings

Shane Cummings
Undergraduate Student: Management Information Systems and German
Shane Cummings


I am from Scranton, Pennsylvania. I have three siblings, named Kaylee, Jeremy, and Evan. I'm in UNICEF Penn State, and I love meeting new people and seeing new places. I hope to one day work as a systems analyst in an international organization.

Project Summary:

My project will look at how training the figurative meanings of L2 idioms affects learners' processing of those idioms, to see if training can have any effect on increasing L2 figurative processing speed. My project will have three components: a pre-test, training, and a post-test. During the pre-test and post-test I will be using an eye-tracker and a forced choice test to see if there is a significant improvement in participants' processing speed throughout the experiment. I will be travelling to Braunschweig, Germany.