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Tanya Wang

Tanya Wang
Undergraduate Student: Data Science - Statistical Modeling Option, minoring in Linguistics
Tanya Wang


I am currently a second year undergraduate student with a major in Data Sciences (Statistical Modeling Option) and a minor in Linguistics. My interests are diverse but one of my goals in life is to be a polyglot. Whether or not that happens, I will continue pursuing my passions and hope to work as a translator or interpreter. Besides having an intense interest in languages and the study of languages, I enjoy learning languages, mixing music, and working out. I'm also a Team Leader Development Co-Director for Fresh START, a member of the TEDxPSU content team, an active member of the service fraternity Alpha Phi Omega, and a piccolo player in the Pride of the Lions Pep Band.

Project Summary:

I will be traveling to the University of Puerto Rico located in San Juan, Puerto Rico to conduct research on L2 Learners of English. I will be examining two situations separately: syntactic argument prediction based on verbs and real-world contexts in a sentence, and, incremental sentence interpretation based on vocabulary knowledge. Data from an EyeLink Tracker will also be collected for further analysis. Through this experience, I hope to find evidence showing how an L2 learner of English predicts and interprets sentences.