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Naomi Shin

Naomi Shin
Associate Professor of Linguistics and Spanish, University of New Mexico
Naomi Shin


Naomi Shin is an Associate Professor of Linguistics and Spanish at the University of New Mexico. Her primary interests include child language acquisition, bilingualism, and sociolinguistics. Her research focuses on patterns of morphosyntactic variation, examining how these patterns are acquired during childhood and how they change in situations of language contact. Using corpora of children’s spoken Spanish, she has investigated topics related to the development of constraints on morphosyntactic variation, in particular: Spanish subject pronoun expression, variable clitic placement and, more recently, subject-verb word order.

Selected Papers:

Shin, Naomi L. 2016. Acquiring constraints on morphosyntactic variation: Children’s Spanish subject pronoun expression. Journal of Child Language 43(4), 914-947.

Shin, Naomi L. & Jackelyn Van Buren. 2016. Maintenance of Spanish subject pronoun expression patterns among bilingual children of farmworkers in Washington/Montana. Spanish in Context 13(2), 173-194.

Shin, Naomi L., Pablo Requena & Anita Kemp. Bilingual and monolingual children’s patterns of syntactic variation: Variable clitic placement in Spanish. To appear in Alejandra Auza and Richard Schwartz (Eds.), From typical language development to language disorders in Spanish-speaking children: Language processing and cognitive functions.