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Rena Torres Cacoullos

Rena Torres Cacoullos
Professor of Linguistics and Spanish Linguistics
Rena Torres Cacoullos


I study variability in linguistic structure based on production data, oral and written. I am interested in how to establish grammatical similarity or difference (stability or change)--including in bilingual communities--by comparing quantitative patterns of variation.

Current Grants:

  • National Science Foundation, 2012-2014, 'Doctoral Dissertation Research: Patterns of variable grammatical marking in Palenquero creole.' Co-PI: Hiram L. Smith, Penn State University
  • National Science Foundation, 2010-2013, 'Collaborative research: Evaluating Convergence via Code-Switching: Cross-linguistic Priming, Rates and the Structure of Subject Expression.' Co-PI: Catherine E. Travis, University of New Mexico.


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