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Robert Bjork

Robert Bjork
Distinguished Research Professor of Psychology, UCLA
Robert Bjork


Robert A. Bjork is Distinguished Research Professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of California, Los Angeles. His research focuses on the interrelationships of forgetting, remembering, and learning in the functional architecture of how humans learn and remember, or fail to learn and remember; on the degree to which learners’ metacognitive judgments reflect an understanding or misunderstanding of such dynamics; and on the implications of such memory and metamemory dynamics for the optimization of instruction, practice, and self-regulated learning. 

Selected Papers:

Bjork, E. L., & Bjork, R. A. (2014). Making things hard on yourself, but in a good way: Creating desirable difficulties to enhance learning. In M. A. Gernsbacher and J. Pomerantz (Eds.), Psychology and the real world: Essays illustrating fundamental contributions to society (2nd edition). (pp. 59-68). New York: Worth.

Bjork, R. A., Dunlosky, J., & Kornell, N. (2013). Self-regulated learning: Beliefs, techniques, and illusions. Annual Review of Psychology, 64, 417-444.

Bjork, R. A., & Kroll, J. F. (2015). Desirable difficulties in vocabulary learning. American Journal of Psychology, 128, 241-252.