Partnerships for International
Research and Education
Partnerships for International
Research and Education

Laura Schubel

How does experience with foreign accented speech influence sentence comprehension? A neuropragmatic approach to language processing

Angie Galofre

Priming Estar and Haber switches during Spanish-English code-switching

Jackie Katzev

Syntactic and prosodic marking of contrastive focus in Spanish-English bilinguals


PIRE 2015 introduction with Professor Giuli Dussias

Jack DiMidio

Using prosodic cues to facilitate predictive processing of case marking information among L2 German speakers

Jack's presentation is no longer available to view.

Felix Huitian

Crosslinguistics phonotactic constraints in bilingual speech perception

Delaney Wilson

An acoustic analysis of Spanish-English code-switched sentences by habitual and non-habitual code-switchers