Partnerships for International
Research and Education
Partnerships for International
Research and Education

Alec Powers and Gabriella Rivera-Corchado

Cognate Facilitation and Syntactic Ambiguity in Bilingual Children

Carly Danielson

The Influence of Speakers' Physical Appearance on Listeners' Accented Speech Comprehension

Carmen Gonzalez Recober

Comprehension of Code-Switched Speech: Does Code-Switching Experience Play a Role?

Emily Pifer

Creativity in Two Languages: Convergent and Divergent Thinking in Bilingual Engineering Students

Gabrielle Herman

Language Identification in Lengua Palenquera and Spanish

Jason Giovagnoli

Perceiving Difficult L2 Phonetic Contrasts: A View From Perceptual Learning

Joana Pinzon-Coimbra, Julia Rembalsky, and Gloria Xu

English Proficiency and the Understanding/Use of Articles

Kellie Harrington, David Miller, and Maggie Rose Pelella

The Processing of Spanish Dialectal Variation by Native Spanish Speakers

Madison Krieger

How Gender-Based Bias Impacts Language Perceptions

Maura Jaeger and Dana Winthrop

Using Developmental Milestones to Characterize Language Delay in Preschool-Age Users of American Sign Language

Natalie Wenger

Phonological Differences Between Spanish and Palenquero

Rosa Padt

Vocabulary Consolidation in L2 Speakers

Sara Ostergren

Spanish-Palenquero Code-Switching

Shane Cummings

Idiomatic Comprehension in the L2: Is Native-like Speed Possible?

Sydney Harfenist

Syntactic Priming of Possessive Noun Phrases in Bilingual Children